Raising servant leaders

ABFM through its affiliation with AHM

ABFM does not plant churches but it support the AHM program of raising servant leaders. The purpose of leadership development program is to develop a servant leadership mindset that corresponds with the Christian heritage of service driven by love other than gain of popularity. The other thing is the attitude and spirit of extension of Christ’s mission. If the Church ministers could see themselves as sent to the community other that congregation the Church could be more effective.

AHM anticipates fulfilling the program of Raising Servant leadership through:

  • Calvary Temple Pastors and Ministers Training
  • Bible and Leadership training institute
  • Apostolic Revival Conferences
  • National Pastoral training

Accomplishments on this program

Accomplishments on this program of raising Servant Leaders:
After raising over 25 five Pastors of our Churches I have witnessed how raising leaders, especially servant leaders is not an easy task: But worth it.

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