Gospel outreach and Church planting

ABFM through its affiliation with AHM

ABFM does not plant churches but through its partnership with AHM it supports it to accomplish it purpose of Gospel outreach and Church planting program to win souls and disciple Rwandans into Christ-like character. Rwanda fell into a horrible tragedy of genocide because of spiritual emptiness of the entire Rwandan society and its leadership. The only antidote this tragedy would to build God fearing generation that is driven by Christian values of love and care to humanity. And this requires a clear vision, mission, strategy and consistent knowledgeable and capable leadership.

AHM, anticipates to fulfill this program through:

  • Gospel Campaigns and Church planting and discipleship
  • College Outreach
  • Secondary school outreach

Accomplishments on this program

Since 1994 when I came to Rwanda I planted my first Church under the tree in obedience to what the Lord was sending me to do, but since then I have planted 25 Churches. Based on my experience with enough knowledge and equipment we can do much more.

Our future Intensions on this program

We intend to Plant 12 main Churches in the twelve strategic Cities of Rwanda within the next 25 years with holistic and transformational approach.( That is making the a Church the center of the community).

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