Education and Child-welfare

ABFM through its affiliation with AHM

ABFM does not build schools but through its partnership with AHM its support the program of education and child welfare. The purpose of education and child-welfare program is to provide homes, education and welfare for the orphans and underprivileged children. We seek to bring love, hope, and abundant life to children through Christian education, nurturing and mentoring. We seek to minister to children holistically, i.e. Cognitively, Spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. We anticipates fulfillment of education and child-welfare program through the completion of the following:

  • Through Bright Future Primary schools
  • And Bright Future Secondary School
  • By offering of Christian education

Accomplishments on this program

We have already built three primary schools that enroll 1200 children. And all these are initiated by our Churches. Our slogan is VIRTUE, KNOWLEDGE EXELLENCE. In Rwanda’s 1994 genocide experience, we saw how much education without moral healthy can turn into a danger: whereas, knowledge exults you into position of influence and decision making, Morality determines the quality of the decision you make. We intend to offer our nation Godly leader whose lives are driven by Christian values and their decisions influenced by virtue and morality.

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