Care for the sick

ABFM through its affiliation with AHM

The purpose of this program of caring for the sick is to help in reducing mortality death among young children and increase knowledge among the Rwandans and Africans about the killer disease. According to the United Nation’s World Health Organization, life expectancy in Rwanda is 47 years of age, and when you look into the most killer diseases are, either preventable or curable disease. Most of Rwanda’s Killer diseases are HIV AIDS, Malaria, Water borne disease and Tuberculosis. AHM anticipates the fulfillment of this program through the following programs:

  • Sensitization and education of the four main killer disease.
  • Medical Insurance
  • Genecology and Pediatric Clinic
  • General Medical Health Center

Accomplishments on this program so far:

Apart from our sensitization and education programs, from the last eight years our ministry has provided medical insurance to the 300 families most vulnerable and poorest in our community. We have also provided clean water by building wells of clean to help give poor communities access clean water. And that has helped reduce water borne disease drastically in the community. The rest of these projects are still in the pipeline.

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