Advocate for the poor

ABFM through its affiliation with AHM

ABFM supports AHM initiatives of empowering vulnerable people in Rwanda.The purpose of vocational training program is to develop widows, single mothers, youth and other vulnerable members of our community who have dropped out of school without achieving any profession. Such are those who are struggling without a descent form of employment and yet have family to care for.

This group of people makes up a big percentage of our community; and it mostly consists of: widows, poor women, single mothers and youth. We seek to provide such vulnerable persons with vocational training and technical skills to enable them compete on the work-market and develop their families. AHM anticipates the fulfillment of vocational training program through the completion of the following initiative:

  • By building a center known as Jubilee Women empowerment center.
  • Youth empowerment Center to offer variety of vocational skills like: Carpentry, Brick-laying, and Motor-vehicle Mechanics.
  • Create Credit-and-Savings Scheme to provide small business capital.

Accomplishments on this program

This summer of 2015 we graduated 40 young women most of them former prostitutes after undergoing a training of 10 month in sawing and entrepreneurship skills. We gave them a start up kit that helped them to start their own business and now they are on their own having their own business.

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