Sponsorship Success Story

Success Story and Excerpt From January 2016 Newsletter


This is Catherine in front of her new tailoring business. She and a few others joined together and started a business that has completely changed their lives. She told me that she was hopeless without a future and purpose until she heard the announcement about the Vocational Training program.  She registered herself but with little expectation, because she had no money to pay for anything like that. She could not believe that it could be for free. When Catherine was asked to compare her life before and now, she simply laughed and said, “There is no comparison.  When I lost my husband every hope for life died out of me because he was everything to me. I was left helpless. I was considered a woman without any skill or profession then.  But now I am a tailor. That has not only given me confidence but also a purpose to live for. At least now I have a business and a profession to occupy my mind and time. I wake up in the morning with a plan and hope for a better future.”

ABFM established “JWEP” which stands for “Jubilee Women’s Empowerment Program”.  This program has provided vocational training for vulnerable women to learn how to sew.  Thanks to a faithful donor who dedicated resources to the school to make it operational for one year, we were able to graduate 40 women from this program.  As you can see above, Catherine is using her skills in her new business and she has hope for a bright future.  Today JWEP is waiting on God for more resources in order to train more women.  It takes approximately $50,000 for one year in addition to sponsorships for the women that want to attend.  This $60/month sponsorship enables the women to have enough financial support so that they can attend school.  If this is a project that you would like to help with, please contact ABFM at africabrightfuture@gmail.com.















To take on this noble responsibility and give a life changing gift to a suffering woman,

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