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Vocational Training Program

If you were an uneducated mom with no profession or means of support, how would you support your children?  This is a question that countless millions of women are faced with daily around our world.  In Rwanda this is an extremely difficult situation due to the murder of over one million people in less than 100 days back in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.  Many women were left without husbands or vocations and since that time with the HIV Aids epidemic raging, many more have lost their husbands to disease.  Many of these women resort to prostitution for lack of any other way to feed their children.  When Pastor Patrick asked one of these women why she doesn’t leave this dirty business before she acquires HIV Aids, she replied that she would like to leave it but unless he could provide her with money to feed her children each day, she cannot leave.  She understands that she may contract HIV Aids and die but she says at least she may have ten more years to live.  If she doesn’t provide her children with food, they will die today.  This is the answer of a desperate and caring woman who is suffering in deplorable living conditions.  ABFM implemented a vocational training center in Kigali, Rwanda to train vulnerable women to obtain sewing and management skills to equip them for a safe vocation to raise their children.  After a year of training ABFM graduated 40 women who are now equipped with their own sewing businesses.  This project was sponsored by a caring U.S. donor.  Today the project is dormant until we can raise the funds to have another year of training.  The project costs are estimated at $50,000 for one year.  If this is an area you would like to help with, please contact us at africabrightfuture@gmail.com.

Graduates of the sewing project program received a specialized sewing machine to enhance their sewing business.





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