Orphan Homes


What would your children do if suddenly they were found without parents?  This is a question that no parent wants to ponder because we all know that children who do not have parents are very vulnerable, frightened and alone in this big world.  In the U.S. we have social services that help to fill this gap but in countries like Rwanda, the government does not yet have the resources to help these little ones.  Consequently, children raise children on the streets.  Currently it is estimated that Rwanda has approximately 860,000 orphans roaming the streets.  At ABFM we have a vision to secure a property on the outskirts of Kigali whereby we can construct a compound of orphan homes that will each house ten to twelve children with a house mom and a roving housemaid and common cooks.  Our vision is that the property will be large enough to raise crops and animals that can be used for food for the compound to make it self-sustaining.  We would also like to build a school on this property.  This project is currently under construction until we receive the necessary resources to make it happen.  We estimate this project to cost approximately $1.4 million dollars but if we begin in phases, the initial set-up costs could be as low as $150,000.



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